Data Reporting | Data Manipulation

This program searches through loan accounts to produce a report of loans that were approved and disbursed by the same loan officer.

This program searches the bill payment history for payments that were rejected and reports on them.

This program uses the address changes recall to print out membership cards setup to your card layout.

This program selects all of the car loans for the given month that purchased GAP insurance and creates the file that can be sent to a vendor such as ALLIED SOLUTIONS.

This program will report loans that have had at least one payment made from someone elses payroll distribution.

This produces the same thing as the MDS.6 standard UltraFis report but uses the beacon score.

This program reports any loans that are setup for payroll distribution but whose distribution doesn?t cover the loan payment.

This is a subroutine that can be called from any dictionary and it will return all of the specified subvalues in the specified attribute.

This is a subroutine to be used in a dictionary to calculate the payoff amount for a loan.